Resistance Band Training

Resistance bands are one of the most effective, safe and versatile exercise tools we use in rehabilitation. Over the next few weeks we will go through a number of different resistance band exercises that we use here at Aspire Fitness and Rehabilitation, but first we wanted to talk about why we find resistance bands so effective.

1 - Easily adaptable resistance training for all levels of strength. We incorporate resistance bands into programs for anyone form elite athletes, to people following a knee replacement.

2 - Provide variety within training programmes. Resistance bands will work your muscles in a different way to free weights or machines.

3 - Convenience of resistance bands. Often when we prescribe someone a program they may not necessarily have access to, or want to attend a gym. Resistance bands give you the opportunity to do your resistance training without leaving the house, and are great to take with you if you want to train while you travel.

4 - Safe and effective to use in injury recovery or prevention. Resistance bands allow you to isolate muscles without loading entire joints or stressing injured areas. Using bands to exercise the un-injured parts of your body will increase circulation, which assists with speeding up recovery.

Molly Shevill  is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at  Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation located in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.  

For further information about exercise, arthritis and you, or to book in to see Molly for an individualised program, contact Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation (07) 3310 4969.



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