We can help you take control of arthritis. 

If you are a Queenslander living with arthritis, or caring for someone who does - we are here to help you. 

Free Infoline 

If you have questions about living with arthritis please contact us.  Our caring health educators are on hand Monday to Friday (8:30am - 4pm) to answer your questions and offer support.

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Free Information Packs

Finding reliable information about arthritis can be difficult. We can provide you with a personalised information pack on specific areas that you want to know more about. We can post or email this to you or you can download resources directly from our website. 

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Self Management Courses 

Our six week self-management courses are designed to help you take charge of arthritis. We will help you understand your condition, learn self management techniques and set and achieve your own personal goals.  

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Online Support Groups 

Our online communities will help you connect with other people facing life with arthritis. We have specific groups for men, women and for the parents of children living with juvenile arthritis. 

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Every month we host a free,  live webinar on a specific aspect of arthritis. You can register for upcoming webinars and watch recordings of past webinars on our website.

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Community Seminars 

Throughout the year we hold seminars in communities across Queensland. You can hear from our Health Educators and expert speakers who will help you understand more about arthritis.

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Sign up for to receive our free email newsletter and every month we will send you tips and advice on how to self manage your arthritis. We will also keep you up to date on our events and on research developments. 

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Community Presentations 

We are passionate about raising awareness of the huge impact of arthritis. Our team is happy to provide presentations to community groups who would like to know more about arthritis.

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Our  services are evidence based and approved by experts. 


Most of our services are accessible online or by telephone.

Low Cost

All of our services are provided for free or at very low cost.