We can help you take control of arthritis. 

If you are a Queenslander living with arthritis, or caring for someone who does - we are here to help you. 

Free Arthritis Infoline for Queenslanders 

If you have questions about how to ease the pain and live with arthritis please contact us.  Our caring health educators are on hand Monday to Friday (8:30am - 4pm) to answer your questions and offer support.

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Free Arthritis Information Packs

Finding reliable information about arthritis can be difficult. We can provide you with a personalised information pack on specific areas that you want to know more about. We can post or email this to you or you can download resources directly from our website. 

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Exercise for Arthritis - Arthritis Moves

Strength training has benefits for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Arthritis Moves is a group-based online exercise program for people with arthritis-related symptoms. With the help of trained fitness professionals, you can be sure that you are exercising safely, correctly and for the most benefit!

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Exercise for Arthritis - Dance for Arthritis

Several studies have found people suffering from arthritis had improvement in mobility and joint pain, as well as positive changes in depression, anxiety, fatigue and tension when participating in a dance program. With the help of trained professionals from the Queensland Ballet to develop this ONLINE group dance program to help Queenslanders living with arthritis get active!

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Arthritis Assist

A new diagnosis, a change in treatments, or getting through personal situations while looking after your arthritis can be hard. Nobody quite understands better than someone who has 'walked in your shoes'.  If you're looking for someone to have talk to, Arthritis Assist will organise a peer to give you a call for a one-on-one chat and peer-support. 

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        Online Arthritis Support Groups 

Our online communities will help you connect with other people facing life with arthritis. We have specific groups for men, women and for the parents of children living with juvenile arthritis. 

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Arthritis Webinars  

As part of Queensland's Arthritis Community support program, we host a free monthly live webinar focusing on various aspects of arthritis. You can register for upcoming webinars and watch recordings of past webinars on our website.

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Arthritis E-News 

Sign up for to receive our free email newsletter. Every fortnight we will send you tips and advice to help you live well with arthritis. 

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Our arthritis services are evidence based and approved by experts. 


Most of our arthritis services are accessible online or by telephone.

Low Cost

All of our arthritis services are provided for free or at very low cost. 



You can make a difference by supporting the work of Arthritis Queensland. Arthritis Queensland is 95% community funded. We rely on our generous donors and volunteers to ensure that we can continue to provide solutions and support to adults and children living with the pain of arthritis.