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At Arthritis QLD, we are dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of Queenslanders with arthritis. Join our webinars to learn ways to improve your health in the comfort of your home or office. Our series of online arthritis webinars deliver information about healthy lifestyles, diet, exercise, pain management and other key issues related to living with arthritis. 

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Joint Surgery on your Radar? What you Need to Know

  • 3.00pm, Thursday 27 June

Professor Ilana Ackerman, Deputy Director of the Musculoskeletal Health Unit in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University, will be joined by Orthopaedic Surgeon Sam Adie and consumers Robert and Jen, for an interactive panel discussion on surgical approaches, when to consider surgery and who it's right for, what to expect and how to prepare. 

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Upcoming Webinars

Arthritis Across the Lifespan

Joint Surgery on your Radar? What you Need to Know

27 June, 3.00pm

Healthcare Navigation

Navigating the Healthcare System

04 July, 12.00pm

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Assistive Aids & Adaptive Technologies

10 July, 7.00pm


Understanding Arthritis Medications: A Comprehensive Overview

06 Aug, 12.00pm


20 Aug, 10.00am

Biologics and Biosimilars for Inflammatory Arthritis with A/Prof Helen Benham

26 Aug, 1.00pm

Non-Pharmacological Strategies

Sleep & Arthritis

03 Sep, 10.00am

CBT & Arthritis

11 Sep, 12.00pm

Lifestyle Tips

Travelling with Arthritis

19 Sep, 7.00pm

Managing Arthritis in the Workplace

9 Oct, 6.00pm

Arthritis & Relationships

17 Oct, 11.00am

Christmas Tips

Emerging Arthritis Therapies 

5 November, 11.00am

Arthritis & Christmas Time – Tips to Thrive Through the Holiday Season 

14 Nov, 11.00am

Managing Seasonal Stress with Arthritis 

26 Nov, 9.00am


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You can make a difference by supporting the work of Arthritis Queensland. Arthritis Queensland is 95% community funded. We rely on our generous donors and volunteers to ensure that we can continue to provide solutions and support to adults and children living with the pain of arthritis.