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Keeping active is vital for people living with arthritis. This is because exercise increases strength and flexibility which can help to decrease arthritis symptoms like joint pain and fatigue. 

At Arthritis Queensland, we have developed an online group exercise program to help Queenslanders living with arthritis to get active with exercises that are safe and beneficial to arthritis management. 

About Arthritis Moves

Arthritis Moves is a virtual group exercise program designed to help Queenslanders living with arthritis increase their physical activity. Each week you can join our class from the comfort of your own home with an instructor coaching you through a live exercise session.

As a 12-week program, we’ll stay with you at each step of the way. We can help to keep you motivated, offer support, and also provide additional resources so you can incorporate safe exercises into your lifestyle.

The program will be tailored to focus on your problem areas of arthritis. From knee arthritis exercises, hip arthritis exercises, foot arthritis exercises and more, our instructors specialise in exercises for arthritis that are safe and beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing.

Whether you are living with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout or another form of arthritis, our physical exercise program is designed to help relieve discomfort and get you back to a more manageable day-to-day life.

With the support of the Arthritis Moves community and Arthritis Queensland, we can help ensure you’re living life to the fullest.

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To join the program and go to your first class, click the start date and time that suits you, select your payment option and complete your registration. We’ll then send you an email welcoming you to the Dance Moves program. This email will prompt you with a few questions to ensure the program will be safe and suitable for you. Once completed, we’ll get in touch with you to complete your individual Introduction Session with Arthritis Moves!

Next round of classes starting from week of 29 May 2023

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To gain access to the program you must align with the below requirements:

  • Live with arthritis
  • Reside in Queensland
  • Be aged 18 years or over

The total cost for the 12-week Arthritis Moves program is $96. This equals just $8 per class!

The Arthritis Moves exercise program is made available at the lowest price possible, with all registration fees directly going towards the ongoing costs of running classes.

Staying active and exercising is an important part of managing arthritis pain and discomfort. The best way to exercise when living with arthritis will depend on your individual situation. It might include walking, swimming, stretching, water exercise (or water aerobics), bike riding, or even using an exercise bike.

Exercising regularly can help strengthen your muscles and lead to a decrease in joint pain, fatigue, muscle tension and stress.

By joining the Arthritis Moves exercise program we can help introduce you to safe ways to exercise that can help ease your arthritis symptoms.

While arthritis is not reversible, there are certainly things you can do to limit the amount of discomfort or pain from arthritis. Exercising regularly with workouts tailored to your arthritis type is a great way to increase your mobility, flexibility and strength.

Arthritis exercises are important to help maintain and improve flexibility and strength in your muscles and joints. However some exercise and overexertion can actually do more harm than good. High impact exercise or very high intensity exercises can sometimes cause joints to stiffen. This can worsen some pre-existing arthritis symptoms. By joining the Arthritis Moves exercise program we can tailor exercises for you to ensure you are not damaging your joints or causing your arthritis to worsen.

Walking is actually a great way to improve your arthritis symptoms. A common misconception is that walking can lead to stiff joints and an increase in pain. However this is not the case. By exercising and, particularly, walking regularly, you can actually start to notice less pressure on your joints.

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