Online Support Groups 

If you have arthritis, sometimes it helps to talk to people who understand exactly what you are going through. Our online support groups are a great way to connect with other people facing the challenges of life with arthritis.


Our online communities are moderated by staff and volunteers to make sure information is accurate and reliable.  


Living with arthritis doesn't mean your life is only about arthritis. Our communities are where friendships are forged. 


Our online communities are closed groups. They are private spaces where people can talk in confidence

Swell Gals 

Are you a woman living with arthritis? Our Swell Gals group provides support and education to the newly diagnosed and is a safe place where women with arthritis can share their stories, new and ongoing. It's a place to work through the maze of doctors appointments, medications, side effects, symptom management, complications and disappointments. A place to celebrate success stories when treatments work and times of remission are achieved and when personal goals are reached. 

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Men's Support Group

The Arthritis Queensland Men's Support Group is designed to help men living with arthritis connect. Whether you are trying to work your way through a new diagnosis, considering surgery or have questions about life with arthritis - the men's group members are happy to share experiences, give advice and share a joke or two along the way. 

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Parents'  Support Group 

Juvenile Arthritis comes in many different forms but it is always life changing for the children and families it effects.  This online community for parents and carers of children diagnosed with any form of arthritis is a safe and understanding space for people to connect, seek support and know that you are not alone. 

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You can make a difference by supporting the work of Arthritis Queensland. Arthritis Queensland is 95% community funded. We rely on our generous donors and volunteers to ensure that we can continue to provide solutions and support to adults and children living with the pain of arthritis.