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‘Tayah was five when, one evening, she started limping down the stairs and crying in pain. I didn’t know what to think, so I took her to the hospital.’

Tayah and her family had to wait for months in confusion before she was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. In that time, her mother Lauren couldn’t help her or ease her pain.

As CEO of Arthritis QLD, I’ve spoken to many families dealing with juvenile arthritis: single parents, couples with siblings, and extended families with grandparents playing a hands-on role. They have all experienced the stress of seeing their young child in inexplicable pain, suddenly unable to get out of bed, walk or even feed themselves. They’ve told me of their initial confusion, then frustration as they have sought treatment and advice only for their child to be misdiagnosed or be told that nothing’s wrong.  

Between 1,000 and 2,000 children in Queensland live with juvenile arthritis. In many instances, their parents have had to search and wait for answers while comforting a child in pain. 

We know parents want to ease their children’s feelings of isolation as much as they want to ease their pain. 

That’s why it so important to be able to offer Queensland families the chance to attend a Twinkletoes Family Day run by Arthritis QLD. It won’t be possible without your help.  

The Twinkletoes family events have been running successfully in NSW for many years. The event welcomes parents, siblings, and grandparents to come together and share their experiences with this unpredictable condition. It’s a one-day event that connects families of children up to 13-years-old who live with juvenile arthritis. Under supervision, the children are involved in fun activities while their parents and carers are updated on the latest treatments and ways to manage medication and hospital visits. 

While the parents talk together to share their stories and solutions, they learn from each other and draw strength from the fact that they’re not alone. They are connected afterwards via social media so they can continue their conversations and create a network of support and encouragement. 

The children love meeting others with juvenile arthritis and feeling part of a fun group who understand the often-daily pain and problems they deal with.  


This year, 50 adults and children attended the Twinkletoes Family Day in NSW. They relaxed, had fun and settled in for some candid conversations.  

Many families at Twinkletoes voice their trouble getting their child’s school to recognise their arthritis. These parents want very much to help their children be seen and heard, when too often they are ignored, or dismissed as weak or even worse, untruthful. The Twinkletoes philosophy is to reassure the children that they can speak up about their arthritis if they want to.  

One parent who has brought her daughter to Twinkletoes several times, has shared that her daughter has grown in confidence and now speaks up for herself at school, offering to explain what arthritis is to any student or teacher who questions her condition. 

This is why Queensland families need your support to establish Twinkletoes in this state. Today, I ask if you can show your kindness to every family in Queensland who has a child with juvenile arthritis. 

Your gift would help make Twinkletoes Family Day accessible to parents in Queensland whose children who would thrive with the connection to others with arthritis. 

When I learned about the Twinkletoes Family Day and the good it brings to families dealing with juvenile arthritis, it made me more determined to raise the $50,000 needed to bring this valuable event to Queensland. If you donate today, you will help it become a reality.

Please will you give generously, so families in Queensland can find the connection and support they need? 

Thank you.  

Alex Green
Arthritis Queensland




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