Arthritis Assist Peer-Mentor Homepage

Welcome to our Peer-Mentor Homepage where you'll find all the information and resources needed for the role of a Peer-Mentor. The information and attachments may be updated at times, and you will receive email notification when this happens. 

Peer-Mentor Training Package

There are 5 Training Modules and Quizzes that you will need to complete. The time required to complete all modules is approximately 2 and a half hours in total. Click below to download and complete the Modules.

Following completion of the modules, Arthritis Queensland staff will arrange a telephone call with you to complete the training process. 

Once you have completed the training and begin peer-mentoring, don't forget you can also refer back to the Modules at any time!





Resources & Tools for Peer-Support

A range of resources and tools that you may find helpful when providing peer-support are available here. If you are aware of other useful resources that you'd like to share here, let us know!

Peer-Mentoring Phone Call Log

Please complete the below form and submit within 1 day of each Arthritis Assist call. 

Peer-Mentor Name
Participant Name
Call Date & Time
  Participant Call Number
Call Description
Concerns or Issues
Other Comments
Do you think the Participant will benefit from another Support Call?
Is this your final call with the Participant?
Next Meeting Date (Leave blank if none)

For any questions or concerns, get in touch with the Support Services Coordinator via 07 3857 4200 or

Your gift will help fund self-management courses, education seminars and will provide individual support for people living with arthritis.