Standing Palloff Press

This exercise is one we use in lower back rehabilitation. Typically, many of the lower back injuries we see arise from instability, weakness or poor neural sequencing patterns in the core. The palloff press works the core as a stabilizer and force transferrer, and teaches the core to resist against rotation (anti-rotation movement).

1 - Wrap band around pole, door handle or something similar.

2 - Holding the handles (or the end of the band), set up side on to the pole and stand tall, which abdominals engaged and chest lifted. Soften knees slightly to help with balance.

3 - Maintain start posture and push handles out in front of you. Try not to lose your posture by pushing shoulders to far forward, or by letting the resistance pull you into the poll.

4 - Return hands slowly to start position and repeat the movement for required repetitions.

Molly Shevill  is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at  Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation located in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.  

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