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Spondyloarthritis, Non-radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis 

Recorded Tuesday 9th April 2019

Listen to our interview with world renowned rheumatologist Dr Helena Marzo-Ortega from Leeds University. In this interview we discuss the differences between these types of Arthritis, as well as some of the different ways these conditions can be managed. Arthritis Queensland would like to thank Janssen for their support and sponsorship of this webinar. 

Back Pain

Recorded 5th December 2018

Linda Bradbury, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner and research co-ordinator of a number of genetic research programs, will be talking about the causes and types of back pain, how it affects people’s quality of life and the burden on the health system. She will cover which investigations may be undertaken when someone presents with back pain and the management options available. Linda will also go through the roles of members of your healthcare team in managing and treating back pain.

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

Recorded 28th November 2018

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the leading cause of musculoskeletal pain and disability in Australia, and affects people of all ages. Join Dr Laura Diamond and Dr Michelle Hall as they discuss prevention and management of knee and hip OA across the lifespan. New data from recent experimental studies in young adults following injury at risk for early onset OA, findings from exercise-based randomised controlled trials, and new changes to clinical practice guidelines will be presented

Hip Replacements 

Recorded 24th October 2018

Tune in to hear Professor Ross Crawford speak about what's involved in hip replacement surgery, what sort of preparation is required beforehand, and how to work towards getting the best results, incorporating the latest research. 

Arthritis Diet and Emotional Well-Being

Recorded 24th September 2018 

Emerging and established research shows a strong relationship between how well you eat and how well you feel. Join Dr Anita Cochrane to find out more about the link between better mental health, diet and arthritis.

Stem Cells and Arthritis

Recorded 22nd August, 2018

There is a large amount of research investigating how stem cells may be used to treat arthritis. But what are stem cells? And what potential might they hold for future arthritis treatments? Learn about this fascinating area of research from Associate Professor Travis Klein from QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

MyHealth Record 

Recorded 25th July 2018

After the opt-out period ends on 15th October 2018, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian, unless they choose not to have one. But what is a MyHealth Record? How might it benefit you and your healthcare team, and what control will you have over your health records? 

Explaining Medications: Biologics and biosimilars

Recorded 27th June, 2018

Being diagnosed with an inflammatory, or auto-immune, type of arthritis will often come with decisions around the medications available for treatment. The introduction of biosimilars expands treatment options and allows for potential reductions in prices. But what are they and how do they differ from biologics? Join Rheumatologist Dr Helen Benham as she explains the common aspects and differences between these two classes of medications. 

Osteoarthritis and Exercise

Recorded 24th May 2018

Contrary to what people with osteoarthritis might feel like doing, exercise is one of the best self-management techniques for pain management and improving joint mobility. This exciting webinar will delve into Dr Natalie Collins’ research looking at the benefits of exercise in osteoarthritis

Fibromyalgia: a guide for patients

Recorded 23rd April, 2018

Join Rheumatologist Dr Philip Robinson to learn more about the latest research into fibromyalgia, treatment options and management.

The Role of Diet in Osteoarthritis: is there a link? 

Recorded 22nd March  2018

Hear from researcher Dr Indira Prasadam as she discusses her research into how fats can influence the health of our joints

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA): For patients and their families

Recorded 28th February 2018

Join Paediatric Rheumatologist Dr Navid Adib to learn more about juvenile arthritis and the different approaches to management

Pregnancy and Family Planning for People Living with Arthritis

Recorded 24th January, 2018

Learn about some of the issues to consider when planning a family and how pregnancy can impact people living with arthritis from Rheumatologist Dr Claire Barrett.

Gout: the myths and the facts

Recorded 14th December, 2017

Join Rheumatologist Dr Philip Robinson to learn more about gout, its causes, treatments and some common misconceptions.

Over-the-Counter and Complementary Medicines

Recorded November 2017

Join Dr Helen Benham (Rheumatologist and Vice President of Arthritis Queensland) to learn more about what research can tell us about complementary medicines and arthritis.

Pain and How to Manage it

Recorded 10th August, 2017

Learn more about the causes of, and treatments for chronic pain from specialist pain physician Dr Julia Fleming.

Knee Replacement Surgery: what to expect!

Recorded 13th, July 2017

Join Dr Richard Hanly, Orthopaedic Surgeon, to learn more about what is involved in different kinds of knee replacement surgeries and what to expect if you are considering surgery.

Diet, the Microbiome and Arthritis

Recorded 14th June, 2017

Listen to Dr Paraic O'Cuiv of the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute explain what the Microbiome is, how it impacts our health and what scientists are learning about the effect our diet can have on its delicate balance.