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Register for in-person classes

For a limited time only, we are excited to bring you Dance for Arthritis classes delivered in-person at the Kedron Wavell services club located in Chermside.  

Arthritis Queensland and Queensland Ballet have partnered since 2023 to deliver the successful online Dance for Arthritis program.

With the support of the Kedron Wavell Community Grants program, the Dance for Arthritis classes will be run in-person for the first time! 

This is a once-off opportunity, so don't miss your chance to register. 

Sign up to Dance for Arthritis today!

Starting in your first class is easy... simply select the class and time that suits you best from the classes below and follow the simple prompts. We will then send you a confirmation email which will ask you a few quick questions to ensure that the class will be safe and suitable for you. You can then book a time with Sean for a quick chat where he will have you 100% ready for your first class! 

Once these steps are completed, you will receive information on specific class location and details. 


With the generous support of the Kedron Wavell community grants program, these classes are made available for no cost. 

Important information before registering:

  • The classes will run for 10 sessions (over 12 weeks due to public holidays on which days the classes will not run). 
  • All attendees must register for one of the below classes and complete the registration survey and call with our program coordinator. Completing only the below registration form (and not the following steps) does not guarantee your place in the class, and your place may be offered to someone else if the full registration is not completed within a week of program start
  • As room sizes have a maximum capacity, we will be unable to accept anyone to a class who has not fully registered. Unfortunately this means you will be unable to swap class times at any time throughout the program. 

Available classes:

These classes are being offered as a once-off event. No other class times will be made available. 

Due to limited numbers, please only register for one class. 

These Dance for Arthritis in-person classes are delivered in partnership with Queensland Ballet, and are generously support by Kedron Wavell Community Grants Program.


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We'll have new classes starting every few weeks.  Enter your details and we'll update you once new classes are available!

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