Tips for travelling pain-free this holiday season

Adapted from Arthritis Foundation 

For many, Christmas is a busy time of the year cooking, shopping and travelling to see family and friends. If you live with a chronic condition, such as arthritis, the stress and hustle of planning a trip can add to the discomfort caused by arthritis and worsen joint pain.

Fortunately, our friends at Arthritis Foundation have curated a list of great tips which may help reduce the stress and anxiety of planning a trip, protect your joints and make your holiday travel pleasant and as pain-free as possible. 

A few pain-free travel tips

  1. While planning your travel, you may like to talk to an occupational therapist who can give you tips for preparing your car or choosing a rental car. You can speak to a specialist medical or allied health professional near you by visiting our 'Find a Specialist' page and clicking on the relevant links. 
  2. Book smart - travelling in the middle of the week may just be what you need to avoid long lines and airport congestion. You may also like to book an aisle seat or a seat with extra legroom to make it easier for you to stretch your legs.
  3. Apart from a travel buddy to share driving with or who can help you carry baggage, assistive devices for arthritis are a great way to make your travel as pain-free as possible and protect your joints. Examples include a travel chair or simply an extra pillow for back support. You can visit Independent Learning Centres (ILC) Australia to see their wide range of assistive aids that can help you manage your arthritis.
  4. Be medication-ready - it is important to keep all your medications with you in a Ziplock bag and may also help to find the closest pharmacy to your holiday accommodation.
  5. Hot and cold therapies are a great way to reduce joint pain and stiffness. Stocking up on heat packs and ice packs, and choosing hotels with heated pools or hot tubs, may help before hitting the road. Learn more about hot and cold therapies in this article.

For more tips, check out Arthritis Foundation's article 8 Tips for Pain-Free Travel and Road Trip Tips for Arthritis.

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