Arthritis Assist


Arthritis Assist is a one-to-one telephone based peer-support program open to all Queenslanders living with arthritis.

A new diagnosis, a change in treatments, or getting through personal situations while managing your arthritis can be challenging at times. Nobody quite understands your situation better than someone who has 'walked in your shoes'. That's why if you're looking for someone to chat to, Arthritis Assist can match you with a specially trained mentor with a similar lived experience for one-to-one telephone support at a time that suits you. 

How can a Peer-Mentor help me? 

Arthritis Assist Peer-Mentors are volunteers with their own experience of living with arthritis. They can:

  • Listen to your situation with an experienced and understanding ear.
  • Provide support to assist you in taking healthy actions that can help you manage your arthritis and general health.
  • Help connect you with community resources, services and groups.

Peer-Mentors provide support and suggestions based on their experience, but do not replace professional care. If you are seeking medical, or individual health advice, you should speak with your healthcare team. 

Register to speak with a Peer-Mentor

To register your interest in being matched with a Peer-Mentor for one-to-one telephone peer support, enter your details below and click submit. 

An Arthritis Queensland staff member will then get in touch with you to talk more about your interest in the program before matching you with a Peer-Mentor. 

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Become a Peer-Mentor

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer Peer-Mentor, we'd love to hear from you!

Click the FAQs below to find out more about this role and how you can apply.

Peer-Mentors are responsible for giving one-to-one peer support, information and referral services to fellow Queenslanders living with arthritis. To provide peer support, Peer-Mentors are matched with Participants who share similar experiences for a once per week phone call.
The time committment per week will vary depending on the number of Participants a Peer-Mentor is matched with at any one time, which is decided by the Peer-Mentor. This will inclue making a minimum of one phone call per week. The role can be completed from home, or other suitable location (quiet, private space).

Peer-Mentors are required to undertake special training before being matched with Participants for peer support, which only requires access to a computer and a phone to complete. The training will provide Peer-Mentors with all the information and tools needed for this role.

Peer-Mentors are asked to commit to the role for at least 12 months.

Peer-Mentors must have lived with arthritis, or cared for someone living with arthritis, ideally for at least two years.

There is no specific experience required, however Peer-Mentors should be comfortable sharing their own story with others, will be a positive role model, and will be able to communicate with empathy and respect to provide support and encourage positive behaviours.

The Peer-Mentor Position Description can be found on our Current Volunteer Opportunities webpage.

For any questions, or to chat further about the role, get in touch with us on 1800 011 041 or send us an email.

To apply, visit Current Volunteer Opportunities and complete the online application form.