Exercises To Manage Pain

May 2020

Although there are over 120 different types of arthritis, one thing they all have in common is pain.  

Some may cause what is called acute pain this is pain that normally only lasts for a short time and tends to go away as the body heals or when the pain is treated. Unfortunately, sometimes acute pain might not go away and becomes what we call chronic pain.  

Chronic Pain is the type of pain people with arthritis often experience. It is pain which lasts for long periods of time. For some conditions, chronic pain might exist for no clear reason, making it tricky to treat.

Luckily there are some great treatments available for pain and it is best to discuss these with your doctor.  

And the great news is that there are also some great non-drug ways to treat pain – including exercise. In fact, studies have shown that exercise is the best non-drug treatment for pain caused by many types of arthritis including osteoarthritis.  

Below is a link to some exercises which are designed to help you manage arthritis pain. They are from our friends at Versus Arthritis and go through a number of different exercise you can do for different areas of the body including the knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, neck, back, hip, and hands and fingers. 

View exercises to manage pain for different areas of the body here

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Always talk to your doctor and/or health professional before starting an exercise program. A physiotherapist or exercise physiologist can suggest safe exercises and make sure you are doing your exercises correctly.

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