Arthritis And Emotions

Adapted from Arthritis Foundation

Having a chronic disease like arthritis can bring an array of feelings. Most people who live with arthritis experience and ebb and flow of control and anxiety. These feelings and emotions are natural and understandable, and depend on your life stage, self-image, relationships, responsibilities, economic security and disease status. 

The Arthritis Foundation have put together this article that explains some of the emotions you may encounter during your journey living with arthritis.

They also explain the connection between mind and body, and some of the steps you can take to improve emotional wellbeing, including: 

  • Working with your healthcare team to manage your arthritis and minimise side effects of medications.
  • Physical and emotional self-care - mind-body practices, music and art therapy, exercise, a healthy diet, massage and activity pacing.
  • Talk about your emotions - professional counselling or an arthritis-specific support service or group

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