3 Simple Tips To Manage Your Osteoporosis

August 2021

To look after your bones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis, follow these 3 simple tips:

Maintain an adequate intake of calcium

Adequate calcium intake is one of the most important ways to maintain bone health.

Calcium requirements vary depending on our age and gender. Aiming to eat a diet rich in calcium foods is important to help us meet these requirements. 

Read this fact sheet on Calcium and Bone Health by Healthy Bones Australia to learn more about calcium recommendations and calcium-rich foods. 

Maintain an adequate intake of vitamin D

Vitamin D is also important to help increase the absorption of calcium and support healthy bones.

Small amounts of sun exposure can help us to achieve adequate levels of Vitamin D.

Read this fact sheet on Vitamin D and Bone Health by Healthy Bones Australia to learn more about vitamin D and sun safety.  

Stay active and engage in daily exercise

Regular exercise helps strengthen your bones by increasing bone mass or by slowing age-related bone loss. It also prevents falls and fractures by strengthening your muscles, thus supporting your joints.

Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are most beneficial to bone health.  

Always discuss the type of exercises you should do with your doctor or physiotherapist to maintain your general physical health and wellbeing, and avoid any injuries.

Read this fact sheet on Exercise and Bone Health by Healthy Bones Australia to learn more.

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