Arthritis Queensland's Research Fund

Arthritis Queensland has a sizeable research corpus, from which we donate to medical and clinical research.

In 2013, the Arthritis Queensland board devised a set of research principles to ensure equitable and transparent distribution of funds from the corpus.

Donations can be made to our research corpus by calling the infoline on 1800 011 041 and specifying that your donation is for the research fund or by clicking on the Donate Now button below.

From our research corpus, we are currently able to provide funding for research, fellowships, scholarships and grants.

Here is a full list of the funding allocated to research in 2017 by Arthritis Australia and Affliates.

An ongoing program is the Arthritis Queensland Chair of Rheumatology at the University of Queensland. In 1992, Arthritis Queensland provided seed funding for this position, and has continuously donated to the position since then. The Chair, Professor Ranjeny Thomas, leads a team that has now grown to almost 20 members. Read the latest news on clinical trials into a vaccine for rheumatoid arthritis by Ranjeny and her team.

Research into arthritis is invaluable, and we hope that we can eventually find a cure for the many painful and debilitating conditions which fall under the ‘arthritis’ banner. Read more about research funded by Arthritis Queensland donations here.