Online Support Groups

If you have arthritis, sometimes it can help to talk to people who understand. Our Facebook groups are a great way for Queenslanders to meet others and share experiences, advice and support.

All groups are moderated by Arthritis Queensland staff and volunteers.

Swell Gals

Are you a woman living with inflammatory arthritis? Join our Swell Gals Facebook support group. The vision for Swell Gals is simple, to provide support & education to the newly diagnosed & provide a safe place where women with inflammatory arthritis can share their stories, new & ongoing. A place to together work through the maze of doctors appointments, medications, side effects, symptom management, complications & disappointments. A place to celebrate our success stories when medications work & times of remission are achieved, when personal goals are achieved, whether that's participating in a fun run or feeling well enough making it out to dinner with family and friends. Join our  Facebook group today!

Parents of Children With Arthritis

Arthritis Queensland has nline supprot specifically for the parents and familes of chidlren living with juvenile arthritis. facebook group to connect parents and family of children living with juvenile arthritis, click here to join the group.

Men's Online Support Group

The Arthritis Queensland Men's Support Group is designed to help men living with arthritis connect.

Managed by staff and volunteers, this group is open to men living with all forms of arthritis. Click here to jon the group.