Health Professionals E-News

Issue 2
April 2016

Health Professionals E-News

Welcome to the second edition of AQ's Health Professionals E-News. This bi-monthly newsletter is designed to keep health professionals up-to-date with the latest from the world of arthritis.

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In this Issue

  • Arthritis Awareness Week 2016: May 29th - June 4th  
  • AQ's Health Professionals Seminar
    • 2016 Seminar Recap
  • Falls and Arthritis
    • Our visit to the Princess Alexandra Hospital Falls Expo
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis  
    • Unexplained Lower Back Pain, Could it be AS? - By Prof. Matthew Brown & Dr Murray Hargrave, Queensland University of Technology
  • Out and About with AQ's Health Education Team   

Arthritis Awareness Week, 2016

May 29th - June 4th

Limber up, be a hero and get ready to make a difference for Australians living with arthritis!

What is Time to Move?

Time To Move is a national awareness campaign where we're encouraging you to take on the challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day throughout Arthritis Awareness Week, May 29th to June 4th.

Sign up as an individual, team or workplace and help us raise some much needed funds and awareness for arthritis and the 3.85 million Australians it affects. To register, click here.

Spread the word! Sign up and make it your Time to Move for arthritis!  

Please download and share these posters with your collagues, friends and patients:

Poster (small)
Poster (large)
Corporate Invitation
Time to Move meme

AQ Health Professionals Seminar 2016 - Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended as well as our sponsors, speakers, volunteers and staff who made it a great success.

189 Health Professionals gathered at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Education Centre on Friday 18thof March for a day of information and education on arthritis.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many participants noting they appreciated the slight change in format, including a panel discussion and the inclusion of allied health professionals in the list of speakers.

Thank you to those who filled out the online survey after the seminar.  Your feedback will help us to continue to improve the event year after year:  If you would like to provide further feedback or have suggestions for next year’s seminar, please contact us on or 07 3857 4200.

"The information is always pitched at a good level for allied health. Great, relatable speakers. The panel discussion was good with questions sent in ahead of time. Having key speakers at the end of the day, kept people there right to the end."


"I thought the content & speakers were all excellent, so it's difficult to say which I enjoyed most. It was probably one of the best Arthritis Qld seminar I've been to, so thank you!"

"As a student studying exercise physiology I found the seminar extremely beneficial. While we have briefly touched on arthritic conditions in our course this conference gave me much more knowledge on conditions like Gout, AS and Juvenile Arthritis....My favourite quote of the conference was from Dr Helen Benham "we need to stop just putting all our focus into joints and start also focusing on how (arthritis) actually kills people."

Arthritis and the Risk of Falls

By James Bayliss 
Health Promotions Officer, Arthritis Queensland

In April, our Health Promotions Officer, James, and AQ volunteer OT, Katherine, attended the Princess Alexandra Hospital Falls Awareness Expo to discuss the risk of falls in persons with arthritis.

The statistics surrounding falls are truly astonishing. In Australia, falls are the cause of an increasing amount of injury-related mortality, more prevalent now then transport crash fatalities. During 2007, 493 Queenslanders lost their lives as a direct result of a fall, predominantly in persons aged over 65 years.

Similar to falls related mortality, injuries attributable to falls are substantial across Australia. Falls are now the country’s leading cause of injury-related hospitalisation and cost the health system billions. Between 2011 and 2012 persons who had suffered a fall spent a combined 1.5 million days in hospital at a cost over $1 billion to the public health system.  

It is estimated that people with arthritis are 2.4 times more likely fall compared to the general population. Four main reasons are commonly cited for this: decreased strength, diminished proprioception (the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction in immediate response to incoming information regarding external force), poor balance and increased levels of pain. These factors are associated with a greater risk of falls and an increased risk of sustaining injury as a result of a fall.  Below are links to our falls fact sheet along with an article which outlines to patients the risks of falls for people with arthritis.

References and Resources

Falls and Arthritis Fact Sheet

How you can Prevent Falls - By Jacqui Couldrick (Physiotherapist & Health Promotions Officer, Arthritis ACT)

Queensland Health: Stay on Your Feet 

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare: Hospitalisation due to Falls in Older Australians

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) - Unexplained Lower Back Pain, Could it be AS?

By Prof. Matthew Brown & Dr Murray Hargrave. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Professor Matthew Brown is one of the world's leading researchers on AS. This year we were lucky enough to have Prof. Brown present at our Health Professionals Seminar where he and nurse Linda Bradbury discussed AS, its treatments and the work of their AS clinic at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Very recently, Prof. Brown and QUT colleague Dr Murray Hargrave published an article discussing the differentiation between mechanical and inflammatory back pain, it’s diagnostic processes and treatment options.

Click here to read Prof. Brown's and Dr Hargrave's article  

In 2015, as part of our Joint News newsletter, we sat down with Prof. Brown to discuss new and upcoming treatments for AS. To read our interview with Prof. Brown, click here.

Out and About with AQ's Health Educaton Team

Health Educator Audra speaking to Channel 10 News.
Health Educator Audra and Health Promotions Officer James conducting an Arthritis Workshop for community care workers
Professor Ranjeny Thomas giving an update on her research to AQ's Swell Gals