Chronic or Persistent Pain Management

January, 2021

People who live with chronic or persistent pain may be referred to a Persistent Pain Management Service. Often people may be referred by their GP after trying various other treatments or therapies without success. 

Persistent Pain Management Services are multidisciplinary. This means they include several different health professionals who work together in helping patients to manage their pain and its impacts on their life.

This team of experienced health professionals may include doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses.

Persistent Pain Management Services are not a 'cure' for pain. Instead they aim to help people gain the skills to better understand and self-manage their pain, and to improve function and quality of life.  

How can I find a Persistent Pain Management Service?

  • Speak with your GP - Persistent Pain Management Services require referral from a GP
  • Pain Australia's Pain Directory - this resource is a guide to the various levels of available pain services in Australia. 

More information and resources for managing chronic pain

Below are some additional online resources and courses that can help you to learn more about chronic pain and ways to help manage or cope with it. 

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