You Are Helping To Reach New Research Milestones To Cure Arthritis

With your support Arthritis Queensland continues to fund ground-breaking research. Human trials have begun for potential world-first rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Late last year we were excited to announce that human trials of the treatment known as DEN-181 had begun.

This is a major step forward for Professor Ranjeny Thomas and her team. Professor Thomas is the Arthritis Queensland Chair of Rheumatology and your donations have been funding her work for over 25 years.

DEN-181, is a vaccine-style treatment referred to as an “immunotherapy”. It targets the underlying cause of the disease rather than treating its inflammatory symptoms.

This is an important milestone in developing a new medicine for the millions of people affected by rheumatoid arthritis which destroys joints, causes cardiovascular complications and can reduce life-span.

With the support of our donors and the work of researchers like Professor Thomas and others in her field, we can improve treatments and one day find a cure for arthritis.

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