Private Health Insurance review

The Minister for Health has announced a review of Private Health Insurance (PHI) and you have the opportunity to have your say.

As at 30 June 2015, 11.3 million Australians were covered by hospital treatment cover (47.4% of the population) and 13.3 million Australians had some form of general treatment cover (55.8% of the population). In 2014-15 the Australian Government spent $5.8 billion on the Private Health Insurance Rebate.

The scope of the review will be to consider ways to:

  • enhance the value of private health insurance to consumers;
  • encourage increased efficiency of private health insurance;
  • increase the effectiveness of Government incentives for private health; and
  • improve the sustainability of the private health sector.

Arthritis Australia is a member of the Consumers Health Forum. They are conducting a survey to inform their submission to the review. To participate in the survey click here

For more information about the consumer survey, read Minister Ley’s media release.