Juvenile Arthritis Parents Facebook Group

Juvenile Arthritis Parents and Families – Arthritis Queensland is an online support group provided by Arthritis Queensland, for parents of children who suffer from juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)

The vision for Juvenile Arthritis Parents and Families is simple, to provide support to the newly diagnosed & provide a safe place where parents of children with JIA can share their stories, new & ongoing. A place to together work through the maze of doctors appointments, medications, side effects, symptom management, complications & disappointments. A place to celebrate our success stories when medications work & times of remission are achieved, when personal goals are achieved, for both your child and the family.

The forum is private so only those people with access granted by Arthritis Queensland will be able to view its content. If you would like to join us and become a part of this online support group and meet other parents and families dealing with the challenges of having a son or daughter with JIA on a daily basis we would love to welcome you.

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We look forward to welcoming you