Join us to lobby government for joint injections!

Join us today!

Please help us inject some sense into politicians on Medicare funding for joint injections.

Medicare rebates for these injections were cut by the government some time ago.   The injections are used for diagnosis and pain relief and involve injecting something into the joint, such as a corticosteroid, or drawing out excess fluid from the joint.

Many people have told us that since the rebates were removed, they now have difficulty paying for joint injections and in some cases are going without because of the increased costs.

Please help us to get the politicians’ attention by sending a letter or email to the Federal Ministers for Health and to your local Federal MP to tell them your story.

If you have any questions or need any help with your letter, please contact Franca Marine on (02) 9518 4441 or

To read more about this on the Arthritis Australia website, please click here.