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Healthy Bones, Healthy Steps for Arabic and Vietnamese Communities

Healthy Bones, Healthy Steps for Arabic and Vietnamese Communities

For the first time, Arabic and Vietnamese Queenslanders have had access to interactive and culturally tailored education on arthritis and osteoporosis, thanks to a new initiative from Arthritis Queensland (AQ) and the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ).

The Healthy Bones, Healthy Steps program, which is the first of its kind in Queensland, provided multicultural health workers with the knowledge and tools to run educational workshops on arthritis and osteoporosis in their communities.

The workshops, which were piloted in April 2015, provided 55 Arabic and Vietnamese Queenslanders with knowledge about the causes, symptoms and treatment options for arthritis and osteoporosis. The workshops also explained the roles of different health professionals and how community members could best work with their health care team.

This is the first program designed by Arthritis Queensland to address the unique needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. 1 in 6 Queenslanders has arthritis, but CALD communities are at greater risk of bone and joint problems, as well as many other chronic diseases.

Arabic and Vietnamese community members had particularly expressed interest in learning about preventing and managing arthritis and osteoporosis.

Feedback from the pilot program indicates that participants found the workshops to be extremely useful, thorough, and well presented. All of the participants reported that they were confident in being able to manage their arthritis, after attending the workshops.

Further funding will be sought to run the program on an ongoing basis, and there are also hopes to expand the program to include other CALD groups, or to address specific conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

For more information about the Healthy Bones, Healthy Steps program, community members can contact Arthritis Queensland on 1800 011 041, or ECCQ on 3844 9166.  

Healthy Bones, Healthy Steps was funded by The John Christopher Pascoe Memorial Charitable Trust, managed by Perpetual.

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