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hazard alert Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) system

Hazard alert Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system

The attached hazard alert has been received from the Therapeutic Goods Association. If you are not sure what type of hip replacement you have or if you have concerns about your hip replacement, you should seek information from the surgeon who performed the operation or the hospital where the operation was performed.

Assoc Prof Susanna Proudman – Medical Director, Arthritis Australia

From the S&N website:

"The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing was introduced for clinical use in 1997 with now over 125 000 implantations worldwide and demonstrating excellent 15 year survivorship data."

Of 40 000hip replacements in Australia in 2013, 1.3% were resurfacing but they have made up a greater proportion in the past so there may be a reasonable number of people out there.  The risk for revision has been known to be increased in women and smaller femoral heads for some time now hence the waning popularity.

Click here to read the TGA alert.

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