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Glenn Frey remembered

Glenn Frey remembered

The sad passing of Glenn Frey at the age of 67 was a shocking reminder of the impact arthritis can have.

The Arthritis Foundation remembers Glenn as a champion in the fight for a cure for arthritis.

The talented guitarist with The Eagles died after complications of rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and pneumonia.

We have linked an article that provides some explanations of the complexity of the conditions that Glenn Frey lived with for many years and a helpful article from the Arthritis Foundation on RA medication.

For anyone with concerns about the management of their condition including medications please speak to your rheumatologist. You can also contact the Arthritis Helpline on 1800 011 041 or visit our website to download the information sheet on Arthritis and medications.

Rheumatologist Dr. Rinaldi and Eagles founder Glenn Frey at the Arthritis Foundation’s 2013 Walk to Cure Arthritis fundraiser. (Photo courtesy of the Arthritis Foundation)

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