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Education bursary recipients announced

Education bursary recipients announced

Arthriris Queensland was pleased to announce the three recipients of the inaugural education bursaries at the Zoe's Angels gala dinner. The bursaries are sponsored by our generous partner Zoe’s Angels.

The recipients of the bursaries are Sharai Shaw, Aaron Soderland and Josh Burns.

Three laptop computers have been provided toQueensland students with juvenile arthritis. These will make a huge difference to the children when their hands are so sore that just can’t write. They can even download their textbooks so they don’t have to carry heavy books around.

For kids that usually miss a lot of school due to arthritis, the laptops will make a huge difference. They will be able to continue their schoolwork when they have a bad flare-up, have to go to hospital or visit their rheumatologist. This will particularly have a big impact for students from regional areas.

Arthritis Queensland CEO said: "We were pleased this year to be able to introduce the Zoe's Angels education bursaries. The laptop computers will help the children when their fingers are too sore to write notes in school and will enable them continue their lessons when they have to go to hospital. It's not easy living with arthritis when you are at school and we believe that the scholorships will help to make a diffence in these children's lives. Our thanks go out to Zoe's Angels for their commitment to Queensland children with juvenile arthritis."

Pictured right: Sharai Shaw with Deputy Principal Kim Burns

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