Living with arthritis- Stephanie's Story

Today’s living with arthritis story follows Stephanie and her challenging journey since diagnosis in 2001. It is extremely inspiring to read about Stephanie's fight with arthritis and we hope this story will encourage others.

Stephanie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2001 and osteoarthritis in 2004. Since then she has had a carpel tunnel release, four PIP joints fused, two arthroscopies, a meniscus repair and a total knee replacement. Stephanie finds the little things the most challenging, including day to day tasks such as opening jars and doing chores. However she finds herself very lucky to have three sons that can help her out around the house and provide the support she needs.  She is also very grateful to the doctors and medical staff she has treating her arthritis.

After asking Stephanie where she sees herself in 10 to 20 years’ time, she responded that she simply takes things one day at a time, but that she will continue to fight her arthritis and hopes to remain out of a wheel chair.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story with us, from this we hope that others will find encouragement and hope, wherever they may be on their personal journey.