National Projects

Arthritis Queensland is an independent, state- based organisation. Arthritis Queensland works closely with similar organisations in other states of Australia, as well as the national body, Arthritis Australia. Together we share resources and implement joint plans.

Arthritis Australia works with the federal government to obtain funding for national resources and projects. Currently the national projects are as follows:

  • Authorship and provision of national, evidence-based print resources, which are available at or through calling the Arthritis Queensland infoline (1800 011 041)
  • My Joint Pain – an online tool for managing arthritis
  • National Local Exercise Program
  • Ease of Use Campaign

My Joint Pain – online tool for managing arthritis

Developed by Arthritis Australia and Bupa Health Foundation, this online initiative has been endorsed by scientific experts and provides tools to assist individuals to manage and track their joint pain.

The My Joint Pain website and online tools are based on the combined knowledge of a committee of medical and scientific experts in key areas of surgical, scientific, allied health, medical, and consumer advocacy.

It offers three main support functions. Firstly, the user will answer questions about their situation. Then they receive a summary of their risk of hip or knee osteoarthritis, and management options. In addition, they receive regular updates and ongoing support to keep them on track with managing their joint pain.

To access the resource, click here.

National Local Exercise Program

Arthritis Queensland is excited to be involved in the development of the National Local Exercise Program, funded by the federal government through Arthritis Australia. The Program will offer community-based exercise and healthy lifestyle programs throughout Queensland, to improve the health of Queenslanders with, or at risk of developing, arthritis. This project will be rolled out over the next 12 – 18 months.

‘Ease of Use’ Campaign

Arthritis Australia and consumer watchdog Choice combined forces to promote packaging that is easier to open. They recognize just how difficult and risky every day tasks, like opening a jar of jam, can be for people with arthritis.

To read the full article published by Choice, that was contributed to by Arthritis Australia’s Fergal Barry and Wendy Favorito, click here.

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