Courses and Seminars

Arthritis Queensland runs a range of courses and seminars for people with arthritis and health professionals with an interest in the area.

For seminars specifically relevant to health professionals, please click here.

Community Seminars

Our community seminars provide up-to-date information on arthritis. They are a great way to learn more about your condition, or to hear about the latest treatments, in short sessions that aren’t overwhelming.

The seminars are hosted by our health educators and sometimes include guest speakers such as rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, and physiotherapists.

Upcoming seminars:

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Self Management Courses

If your goal is to take charge of your arthritis and to learn in-depth how to manage your condition, then the ‘Take Charge’  courses are for you.

Held at specific times throughout the year, the ‘Take Charge’ courses are delivered in a group setting by an experienced health educator from Arthritis Queensland.

For those living in rural and remote areas who cannot attend the ‘Take Charge’ courses, there is still help! 

‘Take Charge’ Course

Arthritis Queensland has developed the ‘Take Charge’ courses to enable people living with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid/inflammatory arthritis to improve their health and wellbeing by taking charge of their condition through information, education, self management and positive lifestyle change. The courses also support the person to communicate well with their health professional team.

The courses are delivered by an experienced health educator from Arthritis Queensland and include interactive sessions, focusing on goal setting, problem solving, and effective communication with your health care team. The four modules of the course cover:

- What is inflammatory arthritis and what are the impacts

- Medications

- Exercise

- Nutrition

- Pain management

- Safe use of complementary therapies

- Joint protection and energy conservation

- Dealing with negative emotions

The courses can be delivered as two weekly sessions of 2.5 hours duration or as a one day workshop (5 hours). For further support, a health coaching phone call can be made to each participant six weeks following course completion.

You can choose between the Take Charge of Osteoarthritis course and the Take Charge of Rhematoid/Inflammatory Arthritis course.