JIA Action Plan Media Kit

The 2013 Action Plan for Queensland Children with Juvenile Arthritis is a  proactive and multidisciplinary approach to improving the lives of children with juvenile arthritis. It was developed as a result of surveys and state-wide workshops involving a number of key groups of people, including parents, young adults that have lived with juvenile arthritis, healthcare professionals, specialist doctors and educators. It identifies gaps in the diagnosis and treatment processes, and outlines ways in which these gaps should be filled to make life better for these children.

We have identified the people and groups of people that need to be active in ensuring the success of the plan, and are in the process of working with them to make this happen. A big part of this is community awareness; a lot of people just don’t know that children can get arthritis too. The delay in diagnosis that happens because of this can lead to a lot of problems, including permanent disability.

It’s a first in Australia, because it addresses the child’s entire life.

Further information:

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